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"Travel is the only thing that you buy that makes you richer."

Think Amalfi Coast and what springs to mind? Capri...but not just Capri, there’s so much more.  

With Jako Holiday Group, you can discover the new jewel of the Bay of Naples, the island of Ischia.

Ischia, a volcanic island with its thermal springs that have endless healing properties combined with its sandy beaches and rich historic sites, has so much to give.


It is the perfect place for a spot of rest and relaxation in a setting of undiscovered paradise.



Jako is giving away a complementary holiday varying from up to 7 and 14 nights depending on the type of event booked.

Jako Customer Service will be able to explain this in more detail as they can provide further information on your complementary holiday and what it involves.

The gift offer includes a stay in a 3, 4 or 5 star hotel which will be selected and guaranteed by Jako Holiday Group depending on the type of minimum spend event booked.

The selection of hotels will be made according to the period of stay, and Jako Holiday Group will send an updated list to the client providing assistance on when making the appropriate choice.

Jako is offering a free hotel stay, half board, including free assistance for the entire holiday including organising travel to the hotel.

The client only organises and pays for the flight plus the round-trip travel from the airport to the hotel.  

In some cases, depending on the type of event booked, Jako Customer Service may also organise flights and transfers to and from the airport on the client’s behalf.

This exclusive gift voucher will always remain valid and can be transferred as a gift voucher to a third party.

For any further information, contact us on +44 020 73686677

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